Vietnam Veterans for Factual History

Facts not myths

These are eyewitness accounts of what happened after America abandoned South Vietnam.

Doan Van Toai. A Lament For Vietnam New York Times Magazine, 1981

Vo, Nghia. The Bamboo Gulag. Political Imprisonment in Communist Vietnam Jefferson, McFarland, 2004.

Chat Dang et al. The Vietnamese Mayflowers of 1975 Book Surge, 2009.

Doan Van Toai. The Vietnamese Gulag New York, Simon Schuster, 1986.

Huynh Jade. South Wind Changing St Paul, Graywolf Press, 1994.

Huynh Sanh Thong. To Be Made Over - Tales of Socialist Reeducation Camps in Vietnam Yale SEAS, 1988.

Le Huu Tri. Prisoner of the Word Seattle, Black Heron, 2001.

Luu Van Thanh. The Inviting Call of Wandering Souls: Memoir of an ARVN Liaison Officer to United States Forces in Vietnam Who Was Imprisoned in Communist Re-education Camps and Then Escaped McFarland, 1997.

McKelvey, RS. A Gift of Barbed Wire: America's Allies Abandoned in South Vietnam Seattle, U Washington Press, 2002.

Metzner, EP et al. Reeducation in Post War Vietnam Texas A&M University Press, 2001.

Nguyen Van Canh. Vietnam Under Communism, 1975-1982 Stanford, Hoover Press, 1983.

Tran Tri Vu. Lost Years: My 1632 Days in Vietnamese Reeducation Camps Berkeley, U California Press, 1988.

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