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Major Hoi B. Tran

Photograph of Major Hoi B. TranJune 1953 - April 1975 - Vietnamese Air Force Officer 
Graduated from United States Air Force - Air Training Command 
Aircraft Mechanic 
Flight Instructor - VNAF Air Training Center, Nha Trang 
Fighter Pilot - Flight Leader 2nd Fighter Squadron, Nha Trang 
Fighter Pilot - Flight Leader 83rd Special Air Group, Tan Son Nhat 
Combat Group Commander - 74th Tactical Wing, Can Tho 
Commander - Political Warfare Division - 33rd Tactical Wing, Tan Son Nhat 
Airline Pilot - Air Vietnam - Dept. of Transportation-Republic of Vietnam 
May 1975 - May 2003 
Assistant Director - Demonstration Projects for Asian Americans - State of Washington 
Director, Indochinese Service Center - Dept of Emergency Services - State of Washington 
Natural Disaster Coordinator - Dept of Emergency Services - State of Washington 
Area Manager - Desert Petroleum Inc - Head Office: Oxnard, California 
Claims Specialist, Special Investigation Unit - California State Auto Assoc. San Jose, CA 
Claims Supervisor, B.I Dept - Insurance Consulting Associates, Inc. Yorba Linda, CA

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