Vietnam Veterans for Factual History

Facts not myths

Max Phillip Friedman

BA Degree, Temple University, Anthropology and Archaeology. Graduate studies in Political Psychology, International Affairs and Anthropology. [Associate of Arts Certificate in "Police Science" and Paralegal Degree].
Research journalist for Human Events weekly newspaper, Oct-Nov. 1970, SVN/Cambodia.
Contractor Paralegal/Historian concerning environmental superfund waste site litigation (also worked on an Organized Crime Task Force, terrorism trial preparation, etc.).

Three congressional testimonies on Vietnam and Cambodia, plus one on the "anti-war" movement and a report included in the hearings/testimony of the House Ways & Means Committee on illegal lobbying by the Left in the US
Minor contributor to "Whitewash/Blackwash" re books in the bibliography and a little information in the "Yellow Book" for the Texas Tech Conf. last September - "Our 'Pre-Sponse': A Supplement to The TTU-NARA Conference on Vietnam in the Year 1963"

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