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Myth: The Domino Theory was a silly invention, and nothing remotely positive resulted from US involvement in Viet Nam

Fact: The Domino Theory was confirmed by the Communists themselves

  • Lin Biao on International Significance of Vietnam War "The United States has made South Vietnam a testing ground for the suppression of people's war. . . . And everybody can now see that the U.S. aggressors are unable to find a way of coping with people's war. . . ."
  • [A Communist victory in Vietnam] "will lead to a chain reaction . . . . The people in other parts of the world will see . . . that U.S. imperialism can be defeated, and that what the Vietnamese people can do, they can do too." - Lin Biao Vice Chairman CCP Central Committee 3 Sept. 1965
  • Ché Guevara Nov. 20, 1963 "The Vietnam battlefront is most important for the future of all America . . . . Vietnam is the great laboratory of Yankee imperialism . . . . [T]he victorious end of this battle will also spell the end of North American imperialism." - The Speeches and Writings of Ché Guevara 289 (1968)
  • "political power grows out of the barrel of a gun" - Mao Tse-tung, "Problems of War and Strategy", Selected Works, Eng. ed., FLP, Peking, 1965, Vol. II, p. 224.

Confirming Evidence


Singapore and the Vietnam war

Statement by Secretary Rusk Before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, February 18, 1966

"Create Two, Three, Many Vietnams: Message to the Tricontinental"

Long Live the Victory of People's War!

Has The Domino Theory Been Proven Correct?

Domino theory

The Domino Theory

People's War and the World Revolution

Lee, Kuan Yew (2000). From Third World to First: The Singapore Story - 1965-2000. New York: Harper Collins. p. 467,573. ISBN 0-06-019776-5

"Malaysian Chief Backs US Policy." Washington Post, 25 May 1967, p.A28. "If the communists get South Vietnam, there will be no security for other countries in Southeast Asia."

The Fall of Saigon: Southeast Asian perspectives

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