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These are observations from our resident expert on communists in America, Dr. Roger Canfield. His book, Comrades in Arms: How the Ameri-cong Won the War Against the Common Enemy - America, is a magnum opus on communism's infiltration into American life with over 2,000 pages and over 6,000 footnotes.

Certain patterns are emerging.
As the episodes move on I detect a building frenzy as Burns et al become convinced of their righteousness and/or the story needs a grand finale with the Cambodian genocide caused by US bombing. e.g. Angela Jolie's "First they Killed my Father." [US bombing, followed by gentle genocide and Vietnamese liberation]. 
Vets chosen mostly declare their patriotism. Some may have changed their minds. Most found war unhealthy. All are victims of lying leaders. How come the liars are all anticommunists? Don't communists lie [about Jefferson, reuniting Vietnam, promised elections, troops in south, etc etc] Yes, communists kill for good causes, lies justified. USA kill for phony anticommunist causes.  
In the end all the patriots are disillusioned or dead. Stupid as Beckwith describes anyone whose mother gets a letter.
On the other hand, the players cast in Burns melodrama have resumes. The vets in particular do not represent the mass of Vietnam vets proud of their service in a noble cause.
Here are a few relevant bios....lets put some more together. 
Narrator Peter Coyote, member of Marxist SF Mime Troup. Inspired by Marxism, Communist Berthol Brecht and red diaper baby Saul Landau and seeking social revolution, the Troupes key targets in addition to the Vietnam War were American racism, capitalism and imperialism. Its red starred logo represents “people’s struggle”, socialism and communism. The troupe would later play the Communist capitals of Havana and Managua.[1] A hippies Digger in 1979, Coyote said, If you look at all the political agendas of the 1960s, they basically failed. We didn't end capitalism, we didn't end imperialism, we didn't end racism.
Karl Marlantes. Having written over the top novels about the truth of combat, Marlantes in 1970 said, “In Vietnam lying became the norm and I did my part. The Vietnam War will be infamous for the way those who perpetrated it lied to those who fought and paid for it. Lies in the Vietnam War were more prevalent because that war was fought without meaning.”
Kansas VVAW leader John Musgrave attended a February 22-24, 1972 meeting of the Soviet controlled Stockholm Conference on Vietnam. There he spoke in favor of the recognition of the Viet Cong’s paper government, the Provisional Revolutionary Government, PRG, as the new legitimate government of South Vietnam. [See: FBI, Acting Director to Secretary of State, Teletype, P 1720, February 30, 1973.]  He sought and was nominated to meet communists in Hanoi in the spring of 1973. [See: FBI, Houston to Director, Teletype, URGENT April 12, 1972 list names. For reasons unknown three names were redacted under FOIA- George Smith, David Ross and Marty Jordan on Jan 1, 1994; FBI, Acting Director to SACs (List Albany St. Louis), VVAW-IS-Revolutionary Activities, URGENT TELETYPE May 2, 1972, 7; FBI, Domestic Intelligence Division, Informative Note, April 12, 1972]. Instead, he and Sidney Peck meet the communists in Rome February 1973. Musgrave attended a conference on amnesty for deserters in Paris February 19-21, 1973. [See: FBI, Acting Director to Secretary of State, Teletype, P 1720, February 30, 1973]
Note: VVAW is Vietnam Veterans Against the War, John Kerrys group, that lied about atrocities in Vietnam
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