Vietnam Veterans for Factual History

Facts not myths

Texas Tech's Vietnam Center & Archive, in collaboration with the Texas Tech Institute for Peace & Conflict sponsored the 2017 Conference entitled 1967: The Search for Peace on April 27-29, 2017

The following are links to presentation papers and other material provided by our members.

Dr. Roger Canfield

Hanoi's United Struggle - Abstract

Hanoi's United Struggle - Paper

Hanoi's United Struggle - Presentation

Col. Andrew Finlayson

 North Vietnamese Planning 1967

Mr. Stephen Sherman 

Ford on Reparations

FRUS - Memorandum of Conversation

Lillenthal Summary

Nixon Letter on Reconstruction aid

Peace Without Conquest

Staley Report

TVA on the Mekong (pdf)

TVA on the Mekong.ppt (Powerpoint)

Prof. Robert F. Turner

Reassessing the Factual Arguments about the Vietnam War as made in 1967

Reassessing Audio (161MB)

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