Vietnam Veterans for Factual History

Facts not myths

Myth: The US military routinely used inhumane tactics on the people, while the VC were benefactors

Fact: This is one of the most scurrillous accusations of the war. It is completely and provably false.

  • No one has ever found a single document stating that it was US policy to commit atrocities.
  • Numerous documents exist proving that it was official policy of the North Vietnamese government to commit atrocities.
  • The worst known incident from the Vietnam War of atrocities committed by American troops was the My Lai massacre - 504 were murdered.
  • The worst known incident from the Vietnam War of atrocities committed by the communists was the Tet massacre in Hue - more than 5000 were murdered.
  • Critics point to US bombing as evidence of atrocities, however, the location and impact of those bombs is never discussed.
  • The rules of engagement for Vietnam were so crazy that President Johnson once boasted that the Air Force "couldn't hit an outhouse without [his] permission".

Confirming Evidence

Air Force Colonel Jacksel 'Jack' Broughton & Air Force General John D. 'Jack' Lavelle: Testing the Rules of Engagement During the Vietnam War

The Effects Of Restrictive Rules Of Engagement On The Rolling Thunder Air Campaign

MACV Rules of Engagement



Aggression From the North: The Record of North Viet-Nam's Campaign to Conquer South Viet-Nam

Viet Cong Terrorism

The Pattern of Viet Cong Terrorism in South Viet-Nam

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