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Our Privacy Policy

Vietnam Veterans for Factual History is concerned about the privacy of our members. VVFH does not share any personal information with third parties. Our Board of Directors has access to personal information such as names, locations, and email addresses for donors and petition signers. That information is only used for the benefit of VVFH or to keep our members up to date and is never shared.

Private information, including name, address, phone number, email address, zip code and branch of service will only be revealed upon presentation of a valid subpoena and after a thorough review by legal counsel. Our collection, use, and distribution of private information is governed by the privacy laws of the United States and is not intended to subject VVFH.ORG to the laws or jurisdiction of any state, country or territory other than that of the United States.

We also collect data about website visits including age, gender and interests through Google Analytics to improve the effectiveness of our outreach.  You have the right to opt-out of Google Analytics by adding an opt-out button to your browser. You can also improve your privacy by disabling cookies in your web browser.  (Note: this may affect the way some websites behave including disabling necessary behavior.)

Please direct inquires regarding our policy in writing to Vietnam Veterans for Factual History, 3307 Raleigh Row, Missouri City, TX 77459-6768 or use our online Contact Form.

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