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Reference Books

Reference Books

These are hard-to-find reference materials that researchers will want to have in their libraries. You must be registered and logged in to purchase and download them.

1964 MACV Command History

This is the complete MACV Command history for 1964 including intelligence, operations, logistics, and planning.

1965 MACV Command History This command history covers the buildup of forces, including allied forces in Vietnam, the strategies adopted and the results.
1972-1973 MACV Command History Vol I Vol I of the 1972-1973 MACV Command History covers ground ooperations, North Vietnamese offensives, counteroffensives, preparation for the truce, and the last 61 days of air and ground operations
1972-1973 MACV Command History Vol II Vol II of the 1972-1973 MACV Command History contains all the annexes appended to the main report in Vol I
Indochina References FRUS & MACV A complete set of FRUS documents dealing with the Vietnam War are available from RADIX Press. This collection includes the microfiche supplements as well as other material.
United States Military Style Guide - Vietnam Era - When writing about military matters, it's important use accurate terminology. This style guide will enhance the writer's credibility with the intended audience
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