Myth: The determination of the North to carry the war on was never affected by any military setbacks or US actions

Fact: Morale of the troops was an increasing problem over time, especially after the Tet offensive

  • Morale began to deteriorate when troops had to endure the rigors of travel on the Ho Chi Minh trail while infiltrating
  • Many NVA troops had a tattoo "Born in the North To Die in the South" indicating their pessimism about surviving
  • As the war dragged on, loss of food, ammunition and medical supplies affected morale and caused problems with recruiting
  • The 1970 entry of US and ARVN troops into Cambodia seriously affected NVA morale, because they had been told that Cambodia was a safe haven
  • Although communist documents are routinely bombastic and full of exaggerations, there are hints of problems revealed in them
  • The Linebacker II bombing campaign terrified NVA troops and almost broke the will of the North to continue
  • NVA Commander Giap admitted in his memoirs that the NVA was defeated in Tet and during the Linebacker II bombing campaign

Confirming Evidence

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