Myth: The war was fought by victims of US society, and the lasting effects on survivors were much worse than for other wars

Fact: Caucasians and volunteers (66% volunteered) dominated the battlefield of Vietnam, and Vietnam vets are better adjusted than the average citizen their age

  • Casualty statitics show that troops died in rough proportion to their numbers in the service. Caucasians bore the brunt of the casualties (86%).
  • Surveys prove that Vietnam vets are well-adjusted, earn more on average than their peers and have achieved success in life in greater proportion than their peers.
  • 97% of Vietnam vets were honorably discharged. 91% state that they are glad they served.
  • As a group, Vietnam vets have a lower unemployment rate, higher education level, significantly higher income (by 18%) and lower incarceration rates than others in their age group.

Confirming Evidence

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