Myth: The Tet Offensive was a devastating blow to the US and SVN forces and a major military victoryfor the communists

Fact: The Tet Offensive was a devastating defeat for the communist forces. It effectively eliminated the Viet Cong as a fighting force and compelled North Vietnam to commit even more troops to the fight to conquer South Vietnam.

  • Tet involved more than 80,000 Communist troops.
  • They attacked more than 100 towns and cities, 36 of 44 provincial capitals, five of the six autonomous cities, 72 of 245 district towns, and the capital city Saigon
  • With the exception of the seige of Khe Sanh, Tet lasted two months.
  • The communists lost every battle after their initial successses and suffered casualties that destroyed the Viet Cong permanently.
  • Allied Forces suffered about 4,500 KIA. The communists lost 45,000.

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