Myth: The Vietnam war was illegal and immoral.

Fact: The Vietnam war was both legal and consistent with American ideals.

  • The US signed the Manilla Pact, which authorized the use of force to defend Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia against Communist aggression.
  • Lawyers who have analyzed the war have determined it had a basis in the law of nations as well as the UN Charter.
  • International Law recognizes the right of individual and collective self-defense against armed attack.
  • International law recognizes the right of nations to come to the defense of allies who are under attack.
  • North Vietnam had no legal basis to claim South Vietnam as its territory or "reunite" the country

Confirming Evidence

Article 51, UN Charter, the Right of Self Defense

International Law Series: The Right to Self Defense

LAW AT WAR: VIETNAM 1964-1973, Chapter 6, The Legal Status of Forces in Vietnam