The Ken Burns PBS Documentary on the Viet Nam War

The purpose of this section is to track articles, opeds, commentary and criticism of the Ken Burns documentary on Viet Nam.  Preliminary indications are that it will perpetuate some of the myths regarding the 2nd Indochina War.  We hope to offset those with critiques of every episode and in-depth analysis of the good, the bad and the questionable.

  1. Articles
    1. New Ken Burns' 'Vietnam War' documentary tackles divisive era
    2. Ken Burns Insists Vietnam Docu-Series His Most Ambitious Project To Date
    3. Ken Burns Is Finally Making A Documentary On The Vietnam War
    4. PBS Takes a Long, Hard Look at ‘The Vietnam War’
    5. Dark Sounds: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Score Ken Burns’s ‘Vietnam War’
    6. Ken Burns Positions ‘The Vietnam War’ Documentary In New Donald Trump Era – TCA
    7. Ken Burns returns to PBS with 'Vietnam War'
    8. Ken Burns, Trent Reznor teaming up for Vietnam documentary
    9. Ken Burns blends alchemy and archive in “The Vietnam War”
    10. Vietnam Redux, Again: Ken Burns & Lynn Novick’s Epic PBS Series
    11. Filmmaker Ken Burns to visit Ann Arbor for preview of Vietnam War documentary
    12. PBS International Presents The Vietnam War, Scores Sales
    13. PBS Announces Broadcast Premiere for THE VIETNAM WAR
    14. Ken Burns coming to Ann Arbor to preview epic Vietnam series
    15. Ken Burns' new Vietnam War documentary series to shed light on today's "disunity"
  2.  Opeds
    1. Ken Burns: Student of History—or Left-Wing Gasbag?
    2. Vietnam: The War That Killed Trust
  3. Commentary
  4. Analysis
  5. Criticism